50K Business Opportunities you’ll be able to Start In Nigeria

50K Business Opportunities you'll be able to Start In Nigeria
50K Business Opportunities you'll be able to Start In Nigeria

50K Business Opportunities you’ll be able to Start In Nigeria

So many people are losing their jobs thanks to the worldwide pandemic. As a result, the quantity of individuals seeking business you’ll be able to start in Nigeria with less than is on the increase. Are you worried that a replacement business will struggle this season?

Research shows that periods of monetary and economic crises are the simplest for starting businesses. this is often because there’s more innovation and keenness. Besides, most startup businesses at this point rise from a desire to unravel particular problems.

Without further ado, here’s a listing of business ideas you’ll be able to tap into with 50K or less.

Profitable Home Business Ideas Costing but 50K

Catfish Farming

Many people are frightened of this business because it seems to be capital intensive. Well, that’s the incorrect notion. does one know that with 50K, you’ll be able to start this business?

All you wish is access to water and two big drums. This shouldn’t cost you up to 10K. Also, you’ll must purchase fingerlings which cost about N2 each. Buying 200 fingerlings costs just N400. Finally, you’ll need some feed for your 200 fingerlings costing about 25K.

When your fish are matured, you’ll sell each for about 1K or more. try and calculate what proportion profit that’s.

Baking Business

If you’ve got baking skills then one amongst the simplest businesses to begin with little money is baking. does one know that plenty of individuals want to shop for pastries and cakes every day? Nigerians are very happy people and prefer to celebrate.

You can begin your business from your kitchen. All you would like is an oven and a few equipment. Once you have got them, start promoting your business physically and on social media to draw in patronage.

Popcorn Production

This is another one in all those small profitable business ideas you’ll be able to consider. you’ll purchase the machine for as low as 40K. Other stuff you need are corn, sugar, and butter. This business thrives on one strategy, location. People love popcorn so you wish a location with different traffic.

Barbecue and Shawarma Business

The idea of a barbecue and shawarma already causes one to salivate. That’s what quantity Nigerians love both and patronize their sellers. If you’ve got the talents, you’ll tap into this business.

The beauty is that you just don’t even must understand how to create them. you’ll employ someone to assist you out. the number you create daily pays the individual’s salary with sufficient profit leftover.

Graphic Design

Graphic design has become an integral aspect of running a business nowadays. If you have got graphic design skills, you’ll be a solution-provider to other businesses. they have graphic design to advertise their businesses through several varieties of media.

Seize the chance to start out your graphic design business. you’ll learn to use multiple graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, Illustrator, etc. The more versatile you’re, the more customers you may attract.

Content Creation and Freelance Writing

Do you have the power to string words together? Are you a conjurer of words? Then content creation is one amongst the companies you’ll start with but 50K.

All you would like could be a laptop and internet connection. whether or not you don’t have a laptop, you’ll be able to work along with your smartphone. There are numerous apps you’ll use to make content at no cost. a number of the opportunities, during this case, include scriptwriting, copywriting, blogging, freelance writing, etc.

Tutoring Business

This is one business that has thrived on a brand new level since the start of the lockdown. numerous kids are reception with nothing to try and do. Many people are continually in search of resources to spice up their knowledge domain.

You can register different platforms to become a coach. An example of such platforms is Prepclass where you’re assigned a parent. otherwise to tap into this concept is to upload courses to Udemy. this permits you to urge bought each student that enrolls. Finally, you’ll be able to hold classes via your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Soap Production

This is one in every of those successful home businesses that doesn’t cost a fortune to begin. Soap will always be in demand because people need soap for daily living. From bathing to washing clothes and dishes, the importance of soap can’t be overemphasized.

You don’t even must be a professional at soap making to begin. All you wish to try and do is to find out the method, start making your soap, package it properly, and sell. you’ll be able to profit of social media to sell your wares while distributing physically to supermarkets.

Plantain Chips

This is one among the foremost eaten snacks in Nigeria, especially among commuters. All you wish to supply is raw plantain, oil, frying pans, and packaging. you’ll get all of those under 50K.

Packaging your plantain chips is one amongst the foremost important aspects. Unique packaging will attract more retailers and customers. you’ll reach bent retailers to sell on your behalf in order that you’ll be able to have enough time to provide.

Web Design

Do you have web design skills otherwise you are willing to learn? this could become an enormous business in your hands. such a big amount of businesses desire to own websites nowadays and you’ll be able to become their plug.

The success of this business rests on what proportion you’ll market your skills. Social media will does one lots of excellent and you’ll be able to also consider building an internet site for your business too.

Selling Phone Accessories

This is another successful home business you’ll begin with but 50K. you’ll sell things like chargers, batteries, memory cards, USB cables, etc. This business also needs you to be in an exceedingly very busy location to achieve success. a technique to achieve this business is to partner with an existing phone seller.


Now that you just have these ideas, what are you waiting for? Startup businesses are among the best employees of labor that exist. Don’t stay up for another second, start today

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50K Business Opportunities you’ll be able to Start In Nigeria

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