3 Ways To Make Money Online Through Jumia

This is the way to go for people who wants to make money online. There are variety of ways to do that. Sales consultant, Affiliate marketing is the way. In this Article I will show you the 3 Ways to make money online through Jumia.

3 Ways To Make Money Online Through Jumia


All you need to do this are Electricity supply, laptop or computer or nice Android phone, fast internet connection any maybe a cup of tea to chill as you are on your laptop.

With the above, then you are on your way to go. Whether you want to make it a side hustle or a part time business. You are covered. You can even make it a full time Business and once you are serious with it and make huge sales. Then you will make it. And here are the 3 Ways you can do that.

1. Become An Independent Sales Consultant – 3 Ways To Make Money Online.

You will need to apply as a Jforce Consultant and recruit other sales consultant, make sales and start making money.

Depending on your sales you can make up to #500,000.00 to #1,000,000 in a month.

But you must be trained after registering as an independent sales consultant. You are trained free of charge. You earn money for each new sales consultant you refer to Jumia. And you also earn while shopping for your own products that you will use.

As a Jumia sales consultant you are your own boss, you earn money and have fun.

2. Become An Affiliate Marketer For Jumia.

If you have a large followers on social media, then you can do this by adding your Affiliate link refferal . And if you have a blog. You can write a review on it and include your link

Anyone that clicks on it and buys from your link then you earn a commission of up to 13% of the sales.

It doesn’t take time to become an affiliate with Jumia. Just sign up with your information and in a minute you have your referral link and nice banners which you can use to start promoting their products. And start earning.

3. Start Selling Your Own Products On Jumia.

To get started here you will need to go to Jumia and register as seller.

You can sell your own products or services and earn money. So do you have a handmade or crafted product or even products made by companies, you can buy and resell it in Jumia.

Jumia has a huge market to sell any product, so you can contact Jumia partner and they will help you register as a seller if you can’t do that and you are on your way to making money.



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