3 Ways To Check Glo Bonus Balance On Your Phone

Let’s kick start for Glo subscribers. Do you want to check your bonus. I will show the way. 3 Ways to check Glo bonus balance on your phone.

3 Ways to check Glo bonus on your phone

You can enjoy nice Subscription on your line and save money when you regularly update your balance to a particular amount and update it to the next Subscription to the next period.

These Bonusus comes in Airtime, SMS bonus and data bonus. This you can use and carryout various things on your phone, includes surfing the net.

Glo bonus balance

There are many ways to check your Glo bonus balance. And it is listed below.

Method 1 – USSD Glo Bonus Code- 3 Ways To Check Glo bonus .

• Pick up your smart phone

• dial #122# and you will see the information about your bonuses and the expiration dates. This will show all your Bonuses both local and international.

• dial #122*34# a simple USSD code for Glo welcome back offers. For users who wants to know their locked Bonuses.

• then dial #122*35# this is a code to check unlocked bonuses for those who have subscribed to Glo welcome back .

• #122*2# for those who have subscribed to Bumpa package.

• #127*0# use this code to check your Glo data bonus.

•#122*10# Also use this to check information about your campus booster voice bonus on Glo network.

Method 2 Dialing Code To Know Your Bonus Balance.

• on your phone dial *777#.

• You will see options and chose – manage data.

• then chose data balance and you will see information regarding your balance.


Method 3 -Using Text message – 3 Ways To Check Glo Balance

• Create a text message on your phone including a capitalized word INFO.

• Text this message to a 3 -digit number 127.

• Wait for response and you will get SMS about details of your balance and expiration.

And the above are the 3 steps you can check your bonus balance.

Alternatively, you can visit the official website of Globacom. www.gloworld.com to check your balance.


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