10 Ways To Become A Celebrity A Step To Step Guide

You would in your life time wished that you are a celebrity. No body will deny that. And if you ask everyone they’d tell you that they will like to be a celebrity. It’s fun, to be enjoyed and respected. Well, some celebrity are born and some are made. The likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Donald Trump’s, Peter Okoye, Mikel Obi’s kids are born celebrities where as their parents are made Celebrity. We will focus on the made Celebrity. Today, we will focus on 10 Ways To Become a Celebrity A Step To Step Guide.

10 Ways To Become A Celebrity

Who Is A Celebrity?

A celebrity is one who is famous in his or her own field, being, celebrated, respected, accoladed, noticed, accepted and honoured. He or she must be rich. There is no poor celebrity.

Here Are How To Become A Celebrity.

The following ways to become a celebrity might not be easy and sometimes might require money or a sponsor or sponsors. Whatever is the case you really need to be destined to achieve it.

But how do you know that you are destined or not destined to become a celebrity. You got to try. Try some of these steps first. Put in all your efforts first. Then see results.

•Open A Church And Register It.

If you are in the ministry, it becomes easier to do this. Know your Bible and learn how to pray. If possible attend A theology School. Serve as assistant pastor or Pastor’s Usher in a good Church. This will help you to learn the rudiments of church and how to manage Churches.

Some ministers of God owns private Jets, mansions. They make a lot of money owning their own Churches and If you can prophecy to people and preach very well. Then you are on your way to stardom, famous, and wealthy.

Pastors of churches still do business to make money. As they collect tithes from members, it makes them money and they can do any business that they want.

The truth remains that opening and running your own church can make you become a Celebrity.

•Start A Comedy.

This is among the 10 ways to become a celebrity. Comedians are making a lot of money and are celebrated.

• Join Politics And Contest Election.

Ever thought of joining Politcs? Well Politics is not for everyone but humanbeings are political animals. So if you have the grit you can join and make it.

And in joining politics do it for real not being on the seat and clapping for contestants.

Come out for real and contest for president, governorship election, local government. And even members of the house. You could win and become famous and a celebrity.

• Become Controversial- 10 Ways To Become A Celebrity.

Another way to become a celebrity is to become controversial. Based on your believe, say some wired things.

Go against some rules and make a point for your opinion. Say somethings that people wouldn’t believe. But let it be right.

In Nigeria Prof. Wole Soyinka is popular because he is controversial.

Raise some questions that could arose curious controversy and get it solved. That can also make you a celebrity.


•Become A model.

Here you might not be a pretty, handsome tall person to achieve this .

No matter your height what matters is packaging and intelligence. If you have these and how to dress and package yourself then you will win .

Oprah Wiinfrey do not have the best physique but she is a role model and a celebrity.

Just do your work and with little finance and maybe a sponsor you will be there.

But if you have a nice, well – built physique then it is an advantage to get it.

• Venture Into Music And Acting Of Movies.

And you can try your hands in both of these or any one. Do music or act movies.

What you need here is talent. Can you depict your role well. Also can you speak good English or any of the languages well.

Then you will hit it.

What about music, can you sing, rap, and has a nice voice and can follow note. Then dish out nice tunes and gather fans. You make a lot of shows, and adverts for companies and make your money. Then you are suddenly famous.

•Go Into Sports- 10 Ways To Become A Celebrity.

What sports entice you. Can you really fit into it? Football, Athlete are all good. You can do table tennis, hockey, baseball, basket ball. And if you succeed in any of these, then you are on your way to stardom.

• Be Innovative- 10 Ways To Become A Celebrity.

Here you have to be innovative in what Ever thing you do. Create new ideas. Don’t copy others. You ability to be innovative makes you unique and stand out.

That way, you are in your way to stardom.


•Fight For a Cause.

Can you fight for a cause. Personally, something that you felt that is bad and should be corrected.

And can you fight without caring about your life? If you do this and win, especially against the government, then you are a celebrity already.

• Walk From Nigeria To Ivory Coast.

Assuming you can do this-

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