10 Transactions You Can Do On FirstMobile App

Here we go for First Bank clients/Customers who needs to do some things on the go. This will save you time and energy. You don’t need to go to bank to carry out some transactions. And you only need the First Mobile app to do this. I will show 10 transactions you can do on First Mobile App.

10 transaction you can do on First Mobile App

•Use It To Buy Airtime Top 10 Transactions You Can

You can use your First Mobile App and buy airtime. This you do by topping up the amount you need. And you know you can buy airtime at any time of the day unlike where you go out and start looking for recharge card sellers.

•Transfer Money To FirstBank Accounts Top 10 Transactions You Can

And with the FirstMobile app you can transfer money to FirstBank accounts. Just log into your app. Go to transfer money to firstbank. Then input account number and confirm details. Finally, with your pin, your transaction is on the go.

•Transfer To Other Bank Account

You can as well use the FirstMobile app to transfer money to other banks. Here as long as network permit, any bank in Nigeria can go. Just log in and transfer to other bank than going to ATM machine or inside banking hall to waste time.

• Check Your Account Balance And statement

You can just log in to your Mobile app and check your balance. And also you can check your statement on the go. Both for all the people that paid in money to your account, you can see it. Again you can see the amount and time. What about the debit amount you made by yourself and all bank charges. With your FirstMobile apps they are readily available.

• Buy Data.

You can conveniently buy data from your FirstMobile app.Just sign and buy the data of any amount that you want.

• Card Management Services

And with the Firstmobile app you can manage your ATM card. You allow your ATM card to work on POS and some ATM machines. You can also choose if your card can work online websites for shopping and payment for services.

•Pay Cable/TV Subscription


Today people normally go for private TV station unlike the years ago when they watch NTA owned by government. And you know private station goes with payment and varieties. In Nigeria there is GOTV, STARTIMES, DSTV. You can use your FirstMobile app and subscribe monthly.

•Bill Payments 10 Transactions You Can

There are numerous bills you can pay with your FirstMobile app. Both PHCN electricity bills, water, rent and so on.

•Flight Ticket Fare

You can use your FirstMobile app and pay for your flight ticket. This is for both domestic and international flight.

•Change Account Pin – 10 Transaction You Can

You can as well change your account pin with your Firstmobile app and some other privacy like token and security questions.

Finally, the above are the 10 transactions you can do on your FirstMobile app.



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