10 Things To Do When You Don’t Have Money

Life is full of ups and downs. Survival isn’t always easy. You have money today and lack it tomorrow. No matter your job or business, sometimes it is not always there for you. Join me in this post as I tell you the 10 things to do when you don’t have money.

10 things to do when you don't have money

It is possible that a lot of people have streams of good incomes that makes them not lack money. But if you don’t belong there you can be lacking money. This is an attitude to avoid. But we can as well help it. This can be done by doing the following.

10 things to do when you don’t have money.

1. Join A Contest – Beauty Or Fitness.

Take part in contest be it singing, dancing, debating. You can still win great prices or money.

And for fitness program, you wouldn’t know the good you will be doing to yourself. This will relieve you pains and making more fit and healthy to compete more.

2. Baby-Sit A Child .

Some people are so busy that they don’t have the whole time on Earth to take care of their child. They might go for a five-hour job or more and might need a Baby-sitter.

You can grab this job and get paid for it. A lot of people are looking for assistance in this aspect.

3. Perform In The Streets- 10 Things To Do.

This can only happen if you got the talent. You can dance, maybe acrobatic dance, sing and rap for people to pay you. This is a way of entertaining people.

People wants to be entertained and they can pay for it. If you are good at cracking jokes, crack for them and watch your pocket full.


4. Join Carnival And Free Contests- 10 Things To Do.

This may sound ridiculous but it is one act to do when you don’t have money.

Join those carnivals and free contest. You can get free foods and drinks to help hold your Belle. At least that will save you from the money that you don’t have.

5. Take A Video To Upload On YouTube.

Here the video you take should be original. If possible, educative. And also entertaining videos.

Upload on YouTube and if you get a lot of views you can make a lot of money from it.

6. Sell Your Old Stuffs.

Do you have any old stuffs that you are not making use of. Why don’t you sell them and make money.

You can sell it on websites like ebay, or Amazon .Things you can sell could be your old CDs, Videos or Playstations, TVs Also you can sell your old shoes, used books and even your old kitchen utensils.

7. Build A Mobile App – 10 Things To Do When You Don’t Have Money.

You may not know much about this but some guys who knows better can put you through. And if you know it, then better for you.

You can create an App uselful one in the process. Then upload it in Google play store. If the app perform well, then you will have people download it and you make money from it. This can even give you a passive income for live.

8. Take Photos.

Take photos and make money out of it. But you will need to have a bit idea of photographing. Use your camera and take photos.

These photos could be nice and on interesting topics. Then come online and sell your photos. It just starts that way. There are sites to sell it.

9. Start Planting.

You can start planting at your backyard or maybe within your compound. And if you have your own free land that is also fantastic.

Just plant or cultivate on your land . You can plant and sell flowers. Also farm produce like Vegetables, yam, cassava, pepper, tomatoes and sell it and make money.

10. Do Dry Cleaning and Laundry.

Go to some people that don’t have time to wash.Offer to help them wash their clothes. You do this at a fee.

You can wash, dry and iron their cloths for them. Laundry will fetch you money as you don’t have but only if you have the experience. That is another job to keep you busy in a downturn of such. .

All in all, I am not asking you to kill yourself over work when you don’t have money. You can as well rest by listening to music, watching movies or just sleep and have some rest.



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