10 Nigerian Startups to watch Out For

10 Nigerian Startups to watch Out For

10 Nigerian Startups to watch Out For

Over the past few years, many Nigerian startups have experienced a boom in their different industries. in the midst of this boom, new startups and self employment in Nigeria are emerging and addressing the needs of Nigerians and therefore the world as a full.

LifeBank Nigeria

LifeBank may be a startup founded for the aim of saving human lives. This Self employment (sem) in Nigeria was established in 2016 by Temie Giwa-Tubosun. LifeBank saves lives by ensuring blood donations are speedy and delivered with ease to hospitals in need of such donations. With LifeBank, the transmission of blood from labs to varied hospitals in several parts of the country is well facilitated. Medical products delivered include oxygen, blood products, vaccines and also blood. in keeping with the LifeBank website, “LifeBank works with hospitals around the clock to seek out lifesaving medical products and that we deliver to the hospitals within the right condition across Africa.”

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is an agricultural based SME driven by technology in Nigeria. it absolutely was established in 2016 to produce online crowdfunding for farmers. With the secured fundings, farmers can grow their businesses with ease. It doesn’t end there, they also get linked to profitable markets. Thrive Agric over the years has curbed the importation of food from other countries by helping local farmers improve their farm yield productivity.


Flutterwave may be a financial technology startup, it had been established in 2016 when a team of ex-bankers, engineers, and entrepreneurs came together to birth the concept. it had been established to produce banks, merchants, and customers with hassle free payment solutions across the country and Africa as an entire. With its headquarter in San Francisco, Flutterwave has various offices situated in Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg, amongst other cities of the globe. It provides infrastructures for payments which reciprocally connects Africa globally to other economies.

In their words, “Flutterwave is that the easiest method to create and accept payments from customers anywhere within the world.”


Paystack is a Nigerian startup established in 2015 by Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade. it’s a payment platform that allows businesses to receive funds with debit cards, credit cards, transfers, and also mobile money using their mobile apps and websites. With Paystack, payment will be received from anywhere in the world and by anyone. it’s gained grounds and also the trust of several businesses across the world. With a user friendly dashboard, businesses can easily monitor transactions and performance. Paystack is one in every of the SMEs in Nigeria consistently fulfilling their mission which is “to help businesses in Africa become profitable, envied, and loved.”


Crop2cash was established to produce digital financial services for farmers while ensuring the financing process is transparent for banks. it absolutely was launched in 2018 by a team of three – Seyi Paul, Emem Essien, and Michael Ogundare. With the launch of Crop2cash, agricultural products are supplied to farmers at their best qualities. By enabling smallholder farmers situated in rural areas to receive digital payments, Crop2cash also provides these farmers with the luxurious of building their financial identity.


CredPal could be a fintech startup established by Olorunfemi Jegede and Fehintola Olaogun in 2017. It “connects consumers to lenders willing to finance their purchases while they pay back in fixed monthly installments.” Consumers are granted access to credit once they get to the checkout extra point which their monthly installment payment plan begins.


Publiseer was established met the publishing needs of several independent artists and authors across Africa. it had been created by twin brothers Chidi Nwaogu and Chika Nwaogu in 2017. Publiseer offers free publishing, designing and technology to artists and authors. additionally to those, the startup gives creators access to professional book and album protect their works. Since its inception, over 500 artists and authors have benefited from this platform by having their works published and sold home and abroad.


Farmcrowdy is a platform that has empowerment for both subsistence and commercial farmers. Founded in 2016, they need a vision to encourage Nigerians to grow their food. In achieving this vision, Farmcrowdy focuses on the underutilized lands available in rural communities and grows food crops on them.

With this platform, Nigerians can participate fully in agriculture without having and cultivating a farm of their own. Instead, they connect sponsors and farmers by having the sponsors choose what sort of farm they’ll like to invest in. Once the selection has been made, the sponsors then provide funds for the farmers involved to urge started.

Festival Coins

Festival Coins was established in 2018 by Folayemi Gusto and Nosa Oregun. it’s a technology company centered round events and provides event planners and organizers with necessary tech solutions. These solutions help to chop down on costs while maximizing revenues. Festival Coins creates a greater Return On Investment (ROI) for event sponsors; attendees don’t seem to be not noted as they’re also given the luxurious of richer experiences.


Printivo is a printing startup established in 2014 to fulfill the printing needs of SMEs in Nigeria. As a web printing store, it allows customers to upload all their designs after which ends are often printed and shipped to their locations. additionally, Printivo also provides ready-made templates that may be customized by customers to form whatever design of their choice

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10 Nigerian Startups to watch Out For

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