10 Jobs That Can Make You A Billionaire

Some billionaires are made and some are born. If you are born born billionaire then you can acquire that from your parents who already has billions. But if not then you have to make it happen. If you had that financial literacy and start it on time. Then that will be better but if not, you can start any time. And if you are on the right Business then you are heading there. I will show you in this article  10 Jobs That Can make you a billionaire.


10 Jobs That Can make you a billionaire

1. Become An Athelete.

This is one job you must do and you must be serious with it.

Here you don’t need to be at the back. You should be the best or among the the best.

This could also take you time to learn and practice. If you start early to practice it becomes easier because the talent gets imbibe in you and you get used to it. This way, it becomes part of you.

If it becomes your talent, you can enjoy the fame and the money from endorsements from companies that is the way it goes. Take a look at Usain Bolt and see wonders.

2. Enterpreneur.

This might be hard to say but if you can become an enterpreneur at one thing. Then you can become a billionaire.

No one becomes a billionaire by working for someone.  Just start off your own cool Business That you are passionate about.

Then pull in your business. It could be offline, starting a production company of a product that people use everyday or even venturing into Agriculture in large scale. Or just doing a nice Business and plan to expand then you are on your way to riches.

3.  Practice Law- 10 Jobs That Can Make You A Billionaire.

Lawyers that have a large  client base and are in these section-  criminal patent, tax, real estate, corporate and intellectual property law are the ones that can easily become billionaires.

And also a steady success in courts, huge clients and mainly politicians as clients could make a lawyer a billionaire.

4. Become A Surgeon.

As a medical doctor and a surgeon to be precise, then you can become a billionaire if you know what you are doing .

Surgeons are  in high demand these days as people has cases of serious surgeries that can be done with  a surgical operation. This is common with women and pregnant mothers it could arise at anytime.  And they might need a surgeon.

5. Engineer- 10 Jobs That Can Make You  A Billionaire.

If you want to become a billionaire then go into Engineer. Even Jeff Bezo has  a degree in Engineering.

Amongst the parts of Engineers that are top notch are Computer and Electrical Engineer, then Civil engineer is also good to use and become a billionaire.

As an Engineer you salary is huge and if as a civil engineer and you own your construction company, then you are on your way to success.

6. An Event Entertainer.

If you can train and polish yourself then you can fit in here.

You could be a dancer but people that make it more here are stand up comedians.

Can you chunk out original jokes that could make a crowd laugh uncontrollably?  If yes then you can do it.

Today, comedians are big time celebrities that get endorsements from companies as companies ambassadors and earn big. With their earnings they still venture into businesses that could yield them money.

All I want to say is that you can be well sought after to anchor events and entertain people as you make your money on the go.

7. Invent Something.

There are two ways to this, invent something and market it.  What can you invent that people will like and will solve a problem. You can do this and become a billionaire.

Then, you market  it and that is all.

8. Be A Real Estate Developer.

As a real estate developer you can become a billionaire. You can start small and if eventually you earn more then you go on higher expensive property.

You can get and develop cheap estate and resell. And in the the big time then you acquire, develop and resell  big and expensive properties, such ways you will be making it.

9. Investment Banker – 10 Jobs That Can make You A Billionaire.

The job of an investment Banker is a middleman that acts between buyers and sellers of companies and whose job is also to ensure that a corporate deal happens.

Investment Banker earn huge money of up to billions in their deals. They could advise their clients whether to sell or buy a bond, shares or to hold on to the one they already have.

10. List Your Companies shares in public offers.

Do you have a company that is not yet in the stock market and the company is registered then list it in the stock market.

And the first time you declare your companies shares to be sold it will be the first public offer.

With this you can raise billions to run the company and make huge profit.

All you have to do is to be dedicated and be willing to pay dividends to individuals and the general public that invested in your company as you make your profit.

Some companies pay once in a year and some pay twice, it all depends on how your company makes profit.

And the above are the businesses  you can do to become a billionaire. You can add to the list. And if you find this interesting you can help us share the article.


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