1. Outdoor Nigeria is a largely Do-It-Yourself website. As you may understand, a lot of our content come from sources we cannot vouch for especially when these sources require people to part with hard earned money. To mitigate this, we undertake verification to the best of our abilities and default all organizers to not verified until we do some verification. However, we still require you to review our terms of service because you are still responsible for your safety online.

    Note, you may see this message for un-verified organizers (merchants).

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    And this for verified organizers.

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  2. For known establishments, like radio stations, popular promoters, verification is quick. We visit you, and get someone who has authority to sign our verification or engagement form and kapish! Sometimes, we require you to add a link to your profile on a known company website and that's the end. For others, verification can take various forms. From sending in a copy of the company certificate, with the name matching the organizer bank account number on Outdoor Nigeria and you are ready to be verified.

    We try to be quick in this verification process, afterall, it's in our best interest. However, we reserve the final say on what is required for verification. If you feel your verification is taking time, kindly use the feedback link to drop a message. Please choose verification under question type.

  3. Once you are verified, we'll remove the verification alert on your listings and replace it with our "verified" check. Home Page
  4. Verification affects the time you are paid. For our verified customers, and depending on other arrangements, we remit money accumulated after approximately 48 hours and maximum of 1 week.

    For non-verified organizers, payment may be withheld for up to 1 week, and may involve calling some of the subscribers to your offering before money is released.

  5. Modifying your organizer profile, where you have the bank account number will reset your account to not-verified and may stall your payment. This is a security measure to protect your account and funds from being paid into the wrong account number.

    We encourage you to review our terms of service.