Commission Structure

  1. Outdoor Nigeria charges commissions for sale from every sale made by the merchant. We try to keep things simple, so for the basic Do-It-Yourself arrangement (this is what you get when you list your events and services, and that's all), we charge 7.5% of every sale.
  2. For movie houses, the commission structure is not discussed here because of various peculiarities. If you operate a movie house or movie theatre, kindly call us on 08177132771 or use the feedback form with question type "Movie House" and we will contact you.
  3. Again, 7.5% per sale is what you will likely pay us, however, once you think of some custom (more services, rub my back, check-in-for-me, "I'm kinda big and require more services"), then review the table below.
Basic Basic + Check-in Basic + Pro-Services
Commission 7.5% 10% Negotiable
QR/Barcode Generation Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Online Check-in (DIY) Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Lookup Yes Yes Yes
Check-in Assist No Yes Yes
Delivery of Physical Vouchers No No Yes
I'm Kinda Big No Maybe Yes

Please take a moment to review our verification and terms of service to see how you may be impacted.