• Linton Host Hotels

Let Linton Host Hotel be your Lagos host and you will come to the conclusion that living away from home has never brought so much comfort and pleasure! As one of the latest additions to the luxury hotels in Lagos , and nearest to the airport and major business addresses, Linton Host is here to welcome you to relish the pleasure & comfort you would love to experience. With the serene tranquility, the comforting ambience, the courteous service and the sizzling food, we are sure, will make your stay with us a worthy one.

Restaurant, Bar and Lounge, Conference Rooms, Gym

Restaurant -- They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We believe it too. Every guest in our hotel can count on a great breakfast, with a large range of freshly prepared ingredients. Simply the best way to ensure a successful day is to start it off with a nutritious breakfast. Our breakfast buffet serves enough energy to keep you going for the entire day. Our restaurant set the tone for Linton Host Hotel experience and will surround our guests with welcoming comfort, understated style and airy openness. Here we add a dash of local flavor. Our fine dining probably won’t change your life but it will just make your day.

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Executive Rooms-Executive Rooms encompasses a soothing palette of colors and comfortable set of furniture. All executives rooms feature a work desk area designed for maximum productivity. Rates: $135 USD | N20,000 naira 2 NGN0.00
product Deluxe Executive Rooms-Elegantly designed, spacious rooms with soothing colours that gives you a feeling of well being. Well equipped with all the modern amenities that makes the customer feel at home, even while away. Rates: $170 USD | N25,000 naira 2 NGN0.00
product Deluxe Suite-Consisted of the bed room and a guest room will elevate the guest's experience to much higher levels. Pleasantly decorated with the soothing colours of the region , these suites offer magnificent comfort , excellent facilities and a rich décor. All suites have king size bed. Rates: $240 USD | N35,000 naira 2 NGN0.00
product Linton Host Suite-The feeling of homeliness and the soothing of the comforts – consisted of a bed room and an elegant living room. The Linton Host suite gives an all new perspective of 'living large'. Recline in a relaxing Jacuzzi bath or plan your days activities from the spacious living room. Rates: $270 USD | N40,000 naira 2 NGN0.00