• Apartment 15 Hotel & Suites

Do you seek comfort in a very serene and yet lively environment? Then come to us! We just fit into that description. Apartment 15 is the trendy, spacious, and exquisite hotel to be, we have great services for affordable prices. Our well trained staffs are always ready to listen to your needs and we totally consider serving you a delightful pleasure. Come and take a glamorous tour around our place, the address is 15, Idita Street, off Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos.

We have ample parking space for you cars and while they are in our onsite building; maximum security is ensured concerning them. We also have good bar and restaurant services so food and drinks would be the least thing you would have to worry about during your stay here.

Guestrooms come well furnished with the basic in-facilities as well as new and advanced technology.

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Standard Room-Standard Room 2 NGN10,500.00
product Classic Room-Classic Room 2 NGN13,500.00
product Deluxe Room-Deluxe Room 2 NGN15,500.00
product Super Deluxe-Super Deluxe 2 NGN16,500.00
product Self Apartment-Self Apartment 2 NGN17,500.00
product Executive Suite-Executive Suite 2 NGN18,000.00
product Mini Flat-Mini Flat 2 NGN20,000.00