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Welcome to Westown Hotel, Lagos. As a luxury four star hotel in Lagos, Westown hotel can boast of some of the best staff in the industry. Our newly restructured team have been trained to deliver optimum service to our guest. When you walk into Westown Hotel, you instantly get the feeling that you are in a civilized safe and secure environment. Our interior designs sets us apart from other hotels in Ikeja, our facilities are top shelf, designed to give you the comfort you demand. Westown Hotel is the desire of all nations. We play host to guest from around the globe. As a multi-nationally staffed hotel, our guests feel at home when they meet some of our staff from their home country.

Event Center, Banquet Halls, Gym, Chinese Restaurant, Restaurant.

Westown hotel is a 4 star hotel located in Lagos. As a leading hotel in Ikeja, Westown hotel can boast of a world class facility, and a five star service. Our staff regularly undergo the highest level of professional training, giving rise to excellent service delivery. From our banquet halls to out restaurant, our meeting rooms to our Chinese restaurant, every service we deliver, we deliver the premium.

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Superior Suite-The Superior room is a private single room. This room is designed for a private guest in need of luxury hotel accommodation in the Ikeja area of Lagos. The room has a double bed, a minibar, luggage rack and an in-house safe. The room also has a wardrobe with hangers, a dressing table, and a mini dining table. The bathroom has a shower, with an array of toiletries, stocked for two persons. The flat screen TV and free WiFi, makes your stay very pleasant and entertaining. While your access to the executive floor, that hosts the suspended swimming pool, the Chinese restaurant and the gym completes the luxury in your visit. 2 NGN0.00
product Deluxe Suite-The Deluxe room is designed with more room space than the superior. This room has all the facilities to keep guests entertained and occupied. The minibar, a flat screen TV, a safe, and a luggage rack are some of the facilities found in the room. Our very secure environment gives you peace of mind, and our guests get access to the Sandpit, which hosts the pool, gym, the sky bar and the Chinese restaurant. The bathroom is stocked, with toiletries for two, and as is our tradition, guests have access to satellite channels, local and DSTV channels, as well as free WiFi. 2 NGN0.00
product Junior Suite-The Junior suite consists of a room, a private lounge and one toilet & bathroom. This room has excellent lighting, with a balcony that overlooks the city. The room has a wooden floor, with an Arabian run laid in front of the bed. The lounge has a beautiful rug, a sofa and a mini dining set that seats two. The bathroom is fitted with a shower and a bath tub, with toiletries stocked for two persons. The Junior suite has two LED TVs with access to local, satellite and DSTV channels, as well as free WiFi. Guests also have access to the Sandpit, located on the 9th floor, as well as the gym, Chinese ans Tai restaurants and the pool. 2 NGN0.00
product Executive Room-The Executive room is large, and spacious, when compared to other hotels in Lagos. This room has a private parlor, fitted with Arabian rug, a minibar, a sofa and a flat screen TV. The parlor also boasts of a visitors' toilet. The room component has a wooden floor installed. It opens up to a master toilet and bathroom. The room also has an exit to a balcony that gives you a breath taking view of the city of Lagos. In the bathroom, you will find a shower and a tub, built separately. The toiletries are stocked in pairs, and are refilled everyday. Just like the parlor, the room also has it own wall mounted, LED TV, with local and satellite TV channels available for free. 2 NGN0.00
product Loft Suite-The loft suite comprises of a room built one flight of stairs above a private lounge. On the ground floor is a lounge equipped with a sofa, flat screen TV, a mini bar among other things. The lounge opens up to a toilet and bathroom equipped and fitted for a double occupancy. The lounge also opens up to a balcony that has a beautiful view of the city of Lagos. The lounge and room are fitted with a beautiful rug, while the stairs is made of high quality polished wood. The architectural masterpiece of the Loft suite, makes it a favorite among small families just in for a vacation, business executives that takes meetings regularly; private guests with a flair for space luxury and comfort and honeymoon guests. 2 NGN0.00
product Governor Suite-The Governor suite has one master bedroom and a private lounge. The lounge opens up to a visitor's toilet. One side of the lounge has a floor to ceiling Plexiglas, with a beautiful view. As is our usual fashion, you will find a fully stocked minibar in the lounge and room, in addition to an LED TV in both the room and lounge. The room is adorned with furniture, made from highly polished wood. the ambiance and comfort of the room gives it an edge among other hotels in Lagos. Our in-house safe guarantees security of your valuables, while you lodge with us. The bathroom is fitted with toiletries for two. Guest in the Governor suite enjoy free WiFi, satellite TV channels as well as local channels. guests also have access to the fitness centre, pool, Chinese restaurant and the ground floor African restaurant. 2 NGN0.00
product Diplomatic Suite-The Diplomatic Suite consists of a large private lounge, a secretary's office and a big bedroom. The lounge has a minibar, LED TV, couch and has a luxury rug on its floor. The lounge opens up to a visitors toilet, the secretary's office, and has a plexiglass floor to ceiling window, with a beautiful view. From the Diplomatic suite on the north side of the hotel, you can see the busy Ikeja metropolis in a distance, some beautiful trees (nature's finest), and the hotel's event center far below. The secretary's office is equipped with a desktop computer, a printer, and as is the case with all locations in the hotel, guests have access to the hotel's WiFi at no extra cost. The secretary's office opens up to the bathroom and toilet, and also the master bedroom. The master bedroom, has a king sized bed that sleeps two with one child. this room also has the usual luxuries that make Westown Hotel stand out from other hotels in Lagos. 2 NGN0.00
product Presidential Suite-Commonly used by heads of state, Governors and Ambassadors, the Presidential suite consists of two en-suite rooms and one lounge with a visitor's toilet. All rooms have an LED TV with satellite channels, local channels and DSTV channels. Each room and lounge, has a well stocked minibar. Each of the rooms has its own private entrance, with interconnecting doors. The Presidential suite in our most prestigious suite, and our guests are given the five star treatment. With VIP access to all our facilities, our guests are assured that their stay in the presidential suite is the zenith of hospitality among hotels in Lagos. 2 NGN0.00