• SW 55

SW55 started in 2008 in ikoyi, Lagos. With its quest for service par excellence and in providing superior standards to its guests.

...........a different approach to hospitality

SW55 is managed by a team of fine industry professionals who have had the expertise of working with leading international chains and some of the finest hotels. SW55 strongly believes that it is Team Spirit, Employee Development and Innovation that will propel it towards undisputed leadership in the field of hospitality. There is a strong focus on staff welfare as it supports the belief that every internal customer is just as important as its external one.

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Economy Room-Economy Room 2 NGN15,000.00
product Single Room-Single Room 2 NGN17,000.00
product Standard Room-Standard Room 2 NGN22,000.00
product Mini Suites-Mini Suites 2 NGN27,000.00
product Suites-Suites 2 NGN32,000.00