• LimeRidge Hotels

At Limeridge Hotels, we cater to Clientele with a certain lifestyle. It could be a lifestyle that demands the finer things in life, one that looks for high-tech in all things, or one that seeks balance for service, comfort and luxury. Limeridge hotels, is associated with the ultimate designer decor, high-quality amenities, excellent personalized service and superior attention to details. It is our mission to offer you those unique experiences. We will combine the personal, intimate, individualized and unique lodging experience. Our combined and balanced acts will ensure, not only great design and true innovation, but also energized, personal, friendly service as well as outstanding, one-of-a-kind – Foods, Beverages and Entertainment experience – “all under one roof”. At Limeridge Hotel, we keep pushing the boundaries and keep breaking new grounds. We have taken the Hotel industry to a whole new level. So if you are looking for a truly special place, then come on to Limeridge Hotel, let us spoil you by adding some luxury to your lifestyle.

Our hotel is located within the serene atmosphere of the Peninsula over viewing the Lagoon, a walking distance from Chevron Nigeria Limited, and surrounded by the famous Alpha beach and the Lekki Conservation Centre.

We have modern Hospitality Facilities that will make your stay a memorable one. Some of our facilities include an Ultra-Modern Conference Hall & Boardroom with Projectors, Mobile Screen, Public Address System, an Exquisite Restaurant & Trendy Bar, well-equipped Gym and Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi internet connection, Car Hire, Laundry, 24 Hours Security Network and many more.

Our accommodation comprises 85 luxury rooms and suites with ultra modern facilities, convenient in-room amenities and complimentary wifi connection.

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Classic Queen-Classic Queen 2 NGN25,000.00
product Classic King-Classic King 2 NGN30,000.00
product Executive Room-Executive Room 2 NGN40,000.00
product Royal Suite-Royal Suite 2 NGN50,000.00
product Royal King-Royal King 2 NGN60,000.00