• Emerald Cove (Hotel & Suites)

When you walk through our doors, you immediately ushered into a world of unrivaled comfort tucked in the heart of the bustling Victoria Island. Get ready to be swept away by our homely surroundings; classy, soothing, ambience that gets you prepared for work or leisure. From our exquisite decor; each piece masterly crafted for the discerning guest, local in originality - international in appeal. To our state of the art facilities; restaurant, swimming pool and internet connectivity from anywhere on the premises, Emerald Cove exceeds your expectations.

Let us pamper you a little, be thrilled by our dedicated team; each member of staff warmly giving you the treatment fit for royalty. We graciously offer a personalized service, totally dedicated to catering to your every need. At Emerald we don't just open our doors to you, we open our hearts.