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NIGERIA’S FOREMOST BOUTIQUE HOTEL CHAIN Welcome to the Sun… A rich sense of class, hospitality and exceptional service awaits you at The Sun Heaven with scheduled locations in select cities across West Africa. Our modern amenities and relaxed atmosphere reflects the serenity of the neighborhood while we also have a strong management team, working round the clock to make you feel right at home in our various locations. The Sun Heaven offers junior and king suites, inspired by an art nouveau style that is reflected throughout our facilities as well as exclusive offers and value added services that truly set us apart. The Sun is perfectly situated for business and leisure travelers alike.

The Sun Heaven specializes in pairing ideal conference rooms with impeccable service. From exclusive board meetings, to product launches or corporate-wide celebrations, we ensure all your events are memorable. The Sun offers flexible meeting facilities, including meeting rooms, indoor swimming pools, well equipped gyms and bars with In-house mixologists who can shake up a diverse set of cocktails that redefines the experience of relaxation with world renowned brands.

Experience The Sun A quintessential experience awaits you at Nigeria’s foremost hotel chain, famous for its first class service, luxurious décor and a magnificent dining experience you’ll never forget. On arrival at The Sun, you will receive the highest level of service….. From a welcome by the impeccably dressed doorman as you make your way into our hotel’s spectacular lobby across the cities. Soak up our unique ambiance and lavish décor while making your way to the restaurant. Choose dishes from the luxurious menu that offer a modern take on an assortment of delicious cakes and pastries as well as traditional dishes and foreign delicacies, prepared using the finest seasonal ingredients. Dine at any of our locations, for a treat that will create lasting memories. Explore bespoke lodgings that reflects an art nouveau style at all our locations. Our suites have a timeless living ambiance with molded walls that showcase a series of rhythms and compositions. Find your hidden oasis in our exquisite bathrooms. Relax and become glamorous with our custom vanity and style – inspired Furniture and fixtures. Sit back and relax on our classic sleeper sofa bed with complimentary fruit platter and bottle water. Welcome to the Experience that is The Sun

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Executive King suite-Executive King suite 2 NGN0.00
product Junior Suite-Junior Suite 2 NGN0.00
product Deluxe Room-Deluxe Room 2 NGN0.00
product Serene-Serene 2 NGN0.00