• Signature Suites Limited

Signature Suites is strategically located in a serene environment of Victoria Island, the commercial nerve center of Lagos. It is ideal place to stay for business or pleasure. Signature Suites is located in an obvious attraction, along with our excellent facilities, superior service and exceptional good rates. A 22 room Hotel with exquisite spacious Lounge & Bar, Fine Cuisine offering Local & Continental dishes and Outdoor Catering.

Tastefully Furnished bedrooms, Exquisite and Spacious Lounge & Bar, Breakfast - 6.30am - 11am, Fine Cuisine offering local and continental dishes, Conference Facilities

Photo Description Conditions Adults Price
product Royal-Royal 2 NGN0.00
product Gold-Gold Rooms tastefully furnished with state of the art fittings. 2 NGN0.00
product Platinum-Platinum Rooms exquisitely furnished room with kingsize beds. 2 NGN0.00