How Outdoor Nigeria works

1. Browse or search for the content that you like, some have tickets, others make for fun browsing. If you want to list something, feel free to check the Partners-how-to and become one of our partners.

Home Page

2. Click on an item, be it movie, event, attractions, service etc to view the details.

Movie Detail

Outdoor Nigeria is an open listing of various things, not all organizers have been verified. We always put an indicator on verified organizers, and sometimes a notice on the ones that are not. Verification is not fool-proof, either way, be guided.

We display the organizer profile and event details for your perusal. You can purchase 1 or more tickets of various types at a go. Make a selection and click buy.

3. Verify your order on the next page. While you are at it, you may want to pay attention to the notes indicated by the organizer.

Order details

4. You may get a security prompt as the application redirects to the payment gateway. If this is the case, simply press continue.

Redirecting to Payment Gateway

5. The payment screens show up next. If using the default Web Pay from Interswitch, you will pick your card type and fill out your transfer details

Redirecting to Payment Gateway Redirecting to Payment Gateway

6. You will be redirected back to Outdoor Nigeria once the payment is concluded. Following a successful payment, your ticket will be displayed and you can print it and bring to the venue.

Payment Success

7. You may re-print your ticket at any time by using the "My Orders" menu.

My Orders

8. Your list of orders are displayed, if you have any. Use the reprint button to reprint all tickets in order.

My Orders

For information on Partners (Organizers, Merchants, Contributors) how to, Click here.