Contributors, Partners How-to

  1. Any registered user can contribute to Outdoor Nigeria. Create events, list attractions etc. If you want to list items (events, movies, attractions, restaurant etc) and get paid, that makes you a merchant. or let's say, an organizer, and you are in the right place. If you just want to browse and maybe purchase things, you need the How-it-works documentation.
  2. Organizers may list items that require paid or free tickets or no tickets at all. You are welcome to do-it-yourself. To get started, you must be logged in. Simply click the "You can..." dropdown to select the appropriate category. Home Page

    We charge a commission on our listing. The basic commission for our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) listing is 7.5% (Payment charges + VAT + Service Charges) for every sale. See our Pricing page for more information on our commission structure. Verified organizers enjoy benefits such as listing via our social channels and newsletters so it pays to be verified. See Verification for more info and benefits of verification.

  3. Creating a listing is simple, fill out the basic and optional fields wether you're creating an event or listing a movie (restricted), attractions etc. If your are going to charge, you need to create tickets. See Pricing for how commissions are administered. Home Page
  4. That is it! Your listing is live. You can now Manage your listing in case you left our your logo or image or you'll like to manage the information posted. This includes changing tickets, editing organizer information etc. Home Page

    If you are a first time organizer, you need to know more about verification and pricing and how these affect you. Again we try to protect as much as possible to protect our customers so take a look at our verification page. Our basic Do-It-Yourself atracts a charge of 7.5%. However, we provide other services, do take a look at our Pricing page for more details.