Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what is Outdoor Nigeria?

We know about the large number of people out there seeking a decent recreation, some daily, some weekly or periodically. We also know that it can be difficult to find these beautiful places. We stepped in and made it our mandate to help people discover the great things and services out there in Nigeria, and so begath

What are the principal categories of entertainment on Outdoor Nigeria?

We list movies, events and many more attractions. We also realize that great services give fulfilment, so we list those too.

So what do I do next?

Browse our great content. You can browse our great picks on the home page or scroll to the bottom of the page to browse by categories.

Can I list events too?

You are welcome to list your events for free, however if you want to list tickets for your events as well, Outdoor Nigeria will charge a commission, typically 7.5%
To know more about our commission structure, click here.

What about movies and tourist attractions, it seems those are restricted.

Yes, certain services including listing movies and tourist attractions are restricted. That is because we try to verify thouse and protect our customers, and because there ain't so many of those so we as well just verify.
If you manage a cinema or an attraction and will like to list it, simply contact us by filling the feedback form. You may just send an email to or better still call 080-2222-9385 or 080-2347-9512.

What is verification?

Verification is the way we try to protect our customers when they purchase tickets or vouchers online. Because is primarily a self-service platform, we expect sometimes, people will make hoax listings. We ask that customers be careful and try to verify the integrity of listings.
That said, we are on a continuous verification process, always making sure that establishments that attract large number of people are verified. We also hold on to the payments to unverified people for a few days after their events when they are not verified. With these steps, we hope to make serve you well.
We also encourage users to flag events that are inappropriate or known to be dubious, we'll take it from there.

How can I speed up my verification process?

If you work for a known organization e.g. Airtel, register with your official email address i.e. and we will verify your account. However we will discontinue the address if the organization makes a request. If we visit your establishment, we will probably verify you on the same day. Other means of verification are if you use a company current account to receive payment and if you provide company registration information to

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes we do!
You may install our android application from the Google Playstore and experience on the go. You will want to install the OutdoorNigeria app, not the one for organizers. However if you list events or attractions etc, you may want the OutdoorNigeria Organizer app.

I'm an organizer, do you have tools to simplify things for me?

When people purchase tickets or vouchers on, we generate barcodes or QR codes to establish a genuine purchase. At the point of entry, we have several tools for organizer to verify and admint.
From your online dashboard, you can scan in the barcode or QR code, depending on the scanner you have purchased. The Organizer app (installable from the Google Playstore) also offers the ability to scan QR codes from the camera of your mobile phone.